3D Technology Is The Future

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2010 was the year of 3D movies. From Alice in Wonderland released in March to the year-end release of Gulliver's Travels, with 23 3D movies in 2010 and many more coming in 2011, one thing is for sure 3D craze is not a temporary fad. 3D is of course not a new technology. It has a used in movies since 1950s but it was James Cameron's "Avatar" that pushed 3D firmly into the mainstream once and for all.

The last year has seen the 3D revolution hitting the consumer electronics market. From 3D-enabled Blu-ray players to laptops, it seems there's nothing left in the gizmo market that is left untouched by the magic wand of 3D. 3D is also being pushed as the next big thing by TV manufacturers. They're hyping the shift from 2D to 3D as the biggest transition consumers have seen since TV went from black-and-white to color. The year 2010 saw the bigwigs in the TV manufacturing scenario bringing their 3D enabled TV sets into the market and also many TV networks venturing into the 3D channel arena.

Japanese cable channel BS11 had already ventured into 3D programming in 2008. In 2010, DirecTV with its content partner Panasonic became the first TV service provider to offer the TV viewers an entire suite of dedicated 3D TV channels. SKY 3D on 1 January 2010, the world's first 3D channel, started broadcasting in South Korea by Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting. The 3D content includes education, sport, documentary and performances. On June 11, 2010 ESPN launched a new channel, ESPN 3D, the industry's first 3D network.

With smartphones, gaming devices using 3D technology it's hardly surprising that a slew of PC makers trying to bring 3D laptops and desktops to the market. In 2009, Acer revealed, what it calls, the "world's first" 3D laptop which uses in-house software, a special screen coating, and polarized glasses. If you believe LG Electronics then the global sales of 3D laptops will be somewhere around 1.1 million in 2011 and will further skyrocket to 13.8 million units by 2015. With plenty of 3D content being churned out from games to movies to pictures 3D gizmos will rule the future.

If you are greedy for 3D and want to splurge on gizmos like 3D TV, camcorder or any device that provides three dimensional images, then, do a bit of homework on the product you want to buy. Before you buy the product compare prices of different manufactures online. There are many online price comparison sites, you can find them by typing Get Price 3D or Best Price 3D on any major search engine. You must also gather different online as well as offline reviews about the product.

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3D Technology Is The Future

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This article was published on 2010/12/30