A Breathtaking Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock and his arch-enemy and super villain Moriarty and his evil schemes are present in this episode, the show kicked off by having a camera roll into a psychiatrists office, with him talking about how hard for him after his best friend’s death, which was a powerful drama filled beginning for this week’s episode “The Reichenbach Fall'. This makes this the best Sherlock Holmes episode ever so far.

Then onto the details of the plot of the show, as Moriarty implies one of his most dangerous and carefully plotted plans, as he plans to pull off the perfect crime that would be always remembered, as he plans to attack three places, that include England Bank and London’s Tower, which are 2 of the most heavily secured spots in England, but he doesn’t stop at that, his plan includes being arrested so he can be put on trial where he can show himself to the world and to be considered the world’s best criminal. Other than that his plan involved USA Ambassadors, and high class criminals from Europe and much much more, which resulted in a confrontation between the path of Holmes and Moriarty, which was much anticipated and it didn’t leave us unsatisfied.

As for one of the best directed cinematic scenes in this show, was when Holmes was confronting his arch enemy on the rooftop, and the second when Holmes started to grasp the idea about his fate was just stunning, kudos to the director Toby Haynes for such amazing scene, but it didn’t stop at this scene only, but the whole show, including the script, the graphic effects, the plot itself, and the performance of the actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott was just as good, it was just great, which makes “The Reichenbach Fall” a dramatic conclusion to this show.

But we have to take off our hats for Benedict Cumberbatch for making us feel that he is really Sherlock Holmes, he really made this character his own, and his performance in the six mini-movies didn’t change a bit, and he does an amazing job in making the character filled with mixed feelings and emotions, such as being insecure, but yet arrogant, rage but yet calm. He made Sherlock the true hero he is. And we can’t forget to mention Scott, who played a character so villain that we thought it was actually him, with all the lies, plotting and manipulating the minds of his victims, all of this made him the best super villain ever to grace the screen of Sherlock Holmes.

All in all, the show was amazing, and it kept our minds thinking as it gave is more questions and less answers, and of course the grand question of them all, how the heck is Holmes still alive, isn’t he suppose to be dead? But those questions will make us wonder and eager to watch the next episode so we can find further answers to our questions.

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A Breathtaking Sherlock Holmes

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A Breathtaking Sherlock Holmes

This article was published on 2012/03/06