Advantages and disadvantages of TV

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We are living in an era of technology development with advanced achievements that make our life more modern and comfortable. One of the most popular achievements in the world is television. We can find that almost people in our planet own at least 1 television in their house. Though, many people are wondering whether to use it or not because television has not only benefits but also pitfalls.


Television is nowadays seen as a key source of information. People get essential information by watching news on the TV. Furthermore, there are many interesting programs that bring to you joy and convenience. It is also a useful tool for business to advertise their products and services and it rapidly become a necessary part of broadcasting and live coverage. It is television that contributes to connect customers to providers through advertisements in which the products in the market are lively introduced.


Apart from advantages that I mentioned above, there are many disadvantages that people have to face when using TV. Watching TV for a long time has negative impact on your eyes and health. In other hand, there is information on TV that is useful while some are easy to make people get crazy. When it comes to reality shows, if you watch them much, you get nothing except for confused, unsatisfactoriness and angry. Similarly, you will watch movies with uninteresting contents on TV. If a movie is actually good in quality, I am sure that negative affects on children is no longer matter that parents particularly concern.


In addition, people's physically inactiveness is originated from watching TV. When you are attracted by your favorite soap opera, you are not possible to stand up and go out for walking. The only thing you care at that time is what happens in the next part so you can not leave your eyes from the TV screen. One of serious harm of TV that you can get is health problems both in mental and in physical field. To be healthy, you should get rid of bad habits such as watching TV much, and create good habits like reading use information.


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Advantages and disadvantages of TV

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This article was published on 2009/12/03