After marriage: What Will David Letterman Be Like?

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After a long time dating Regina Lasko, David Letterman finally got married. That they have dated since 1986 makes lots of people wonder why he has waited so long. Everyone's life in the showbiz business is your business, therefore there is no surprise that you want to know what stars do in their personal life.  According to many people, everything they do will influence their professional life to some extent. As a reader, what is your opinion about the marriage of David Letterman?


I think it is interesting anytime that a career becomes more vital than marriage or love.  There seems that the priorities of todays society are mixed up.  I'm sure you've heard that nobody on their death bead ever says they wish they would've spent more time making money or more time at the office.  The last thoughts are almost always in reference to a loved one or regrets of not spending enough time with family.  Why I bring this up is to point out that somebody who is dying seems to realize that family is most important, but somebody who is alive has a hard time seeing it that way sometimes.

There is that idea of single stars being more attractive to single viewers.  The idea that a simple viewer might just have the slightest chance of hooking up with that gorgeous or charismatic star.  Now I personally think David Letterman is hilarious, but I can’t imagine many single people having the dream to hook up with David Letterman and that this recent marriage will shatter those dreams enough to drop Letterman’s immense popularity.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe their are thousands of women infatuated with Letterman.

Before walking down that isle there is much for anybody to consider and it is more complicated when their is money involved. Anybody knows that when you get married that in order to be successful you have to give 100% of your all.  Well when you make $45 million in one year it is a little tougher to give a 100% of your all to somebody without seeing some change in personality or change in your relationship as a result.  We are all only human.  At the same time prenuptial agreements can be a sore subject and cause distrust in an already healthy relationship.  I’m sure that doesn’t always go over too well when you have to approach your future life-mate about agreements for “if” you end the marriage.  So when a regular guy thinks about a famous star getting married, remember it is complicated.  Mr. Letterman must really love Regina.  After 20 some years of dating there has to be a strong bond between them that few people understand.

So I give credit to David Letterman for taking the plunge despite the risk of loosing some coolness. So if he is less popular for some reason because he got married, then what the heck is wrong with the world?  I have a hunch this publicity won’t hurt his “coolness” one bit and will actually give him more popularity. My props to funny man David Letterman for taking a serious plunge no matter how it effects his career.


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After marriage: What Will David Letterman Be Like?

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This article was published on 2010/03/18