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Has been saying that content is broadcast advantages in the content original part is the most content can reflect the strength of a platform element. To extend its broadcasting has the advantage in the content, the competitive environment in the new media continue to win, we must continue to be part innovation, and only they own the copyright in the original independent columns can really guarantee that the content has occupied the high ground. Currently, radio and television content is being faced with many crises, the need to develop innovative ideas along the walking, providing a more fragmented and personalized needs of the audience's interactive section, and expand the content of the operation of ideas, from relying solely on Advertisement Extends to the whole industrial chain. Radio and television content

a crisis: too dependent on TV, lack of originality
Can be said that the biggest crisis of the current broadcast content is too dependent on TV, lack of original capacity. Now, turn on the TV, TV on the rushing toward us, TV has become a power Video Tao broadcast the longest and generate the greatest benefits of a content type, no matter in which television drama is the cost of purchasing a top priority, television advertising brought in Taiwan is the core source of advertising revenues, there are data show that China's total TV advertising revenue 45% of TV advertising revenues, and even some television dramas in Taiwan advertising revenue accounted for 60% to 80%. The television drama is not the monopoly of its own resources, copyright, anyone can buy, TV station control out of the question.

Correspondingly, it is original content reflects the spirit of the various radio and television section, because they can not bring par with the TV revenue, radio and television sector investment is relatively low, particularly for the launched and to cultivate a new original columns, it is a difficult undertaking. The capital of Taiwan, a reporter when he learned that the chief editor director, although the station is also aware of the over-reliance on prime time TV advertising risk, as well as fostering the importance of the new fist part, however, braved a period of time due to the cultivation of risk during this period as long as the ratings drop, followed by a pressure of advertising, so the desks in the prime time to develop new part with remarkable discretion.

To illustrate this problem, we selected the CCTV-1, Oriental TV Hunan Satellite TV, the most typical of the three satellite television channels, as well as Phoenix, Disney ABC television network and News Corp. are three foreign TV channels FOX television network, by comparing them to broadcast in prime time a week, and we find that foreign TV Channel Original the proportion of the overall content broadcast on the channel than the mainland high, in addition to Hunan Satellite TV in the original part of the time were playing outside, CCTV-1 and the proportion of Dragon TV's original content were 46% and 53%, while the ABC TV network and the FOX television network, respectively, 76% and 87%.

Relatively small part with the corresponding original broadcast, then the introduction of a large number of episodes broadcast, CCTV-1's prime-time broadcast in a week, 14 television sets, the total duration of nearly 12 hours, Dragon TV is is broadcast 10 episodes, with a total duration of nearly 16 hours (all included commercials play time). But there is little foreign TV or broadcast TV (such as Phoenix TV, a week after just 2.5 hours), or their original home-made, own the copyright of the TV (such as ABC television network, FOX television network).

Not to mention the quality of how the quantity alone, the drama is far more than the original content, and more for the purchase of television, radio and television, and no copyright, if let this situation continues, the content of radio and television so-called advantage of it will begin to talk about? Apart from its lack of originality, the content and layout of the user experience feelings speaking, one-way, the popular mode of transmission has also been concern can not meet the needs of an increasingly diverse and interactive. Overall, Radio and TV Linear programming is still to spread mainly by the schedule strictly to watch, while the younger generation has been accustomed to Internet-style thinking, and no elite class time watching television, resulting in the loss of a large number of viewers to the Internet.

The one hand, the original content copyright deficiency, on the other hand is the single mode of transmission, broadcasting the contents of the advantages of high-risk has been shown.
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Broadcast Media: Content Heights Occupied By Original Part - Radio And Television, The Media - Radio

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Broadcast Media: Content Heights Occupied By Original Part - Radio And Television, The Media - Radio

This article was published on 2011/01/20