Cheap tv stands - The advantages and disadvantages of DLP TVs

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The technology behind DLP TVs has actually been a yaer few hours, but only recently started to really come into its own. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, and suffice to say that the way to an image screen product is the perfect complement to the HDTV standard which is the accepted method of television soon.

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If you listen to know not so much on TV DLP soon. But here are some of the benefits of their project:

They are firstgreat personal preferences. Why is a reflective technology to produce the screen using a DLP screen is less affected by ambient light than many other monitors. However, it is also a picture, more contrast, since it can produce deeper blacks of LCD TVs, for example, has.

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According DLP TV has a refresh rate very high. The refresh rate is how often the screen is redrawn each second. The faster the refresh rate, the easier you can put eye images displayed in a perfectPicture in my head. What this means for you is, if you like watching sports or fast action games, the screen will appear smoother and more realistic, with a DLP TV, because there is a high refresh rate.

Third DLP monitors are usually compatible with any kind of any video source you want to make this connection. They can also be used as computer monitors. Just be sure that a DLP monitor all the necessary connections are available to be filled with video sources whichYou want to use.

However, there are some disadvantages to DLP TV, you should know well:

Before DLP screens can be seen from a broader perspective rather than from the center of the TV without problems, but need quickly at eye level for best picture, as the brightness of the image are considered when seen falls above or below eye level . This may limit to where you should place for the best viewing position in your room and a place to considerCheck before buying.

Although the second DLP monitors can last almost forever, the light source that generates the image only has an average life of 10,000 hours. This is obviously still a lot of time listening, but if you have several hours of TV per day, be aware of this, the clock is ticking and if you replace the bulb, you can spend more than $ 200 for a replacement .


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Cheap tv stands - The advantages and disadvantages of DLP TVs

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Cheap tv stands - The advantages and disadvantages of DLP TVs

This article was published on 2010/09/18