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Early as 2007, when Samsung TV introduced the world's first commercial LED backlight seventy inches LCD TV, people can not help but ask: When

LED TV To enter the homes of ordinary people? Two years later, when the LED TV appliance store has been overwhelming, when occupied, it has issued such a feeling: LED television ahead of the pace in the end but also how fast?

"5 years" prophecy crushed
2007 , LED television only 100 million units shipped, while the ordinary LCD TV shipments reached 78 million units. Accordingly, the industry predicted, LED TV, at least five years is difficult for domestic

Flat Panel TV Markets impact. In less than two years, LED TV in the domestic market increasingly favorable for consumers, completely shattered the original "5 years" prophecy. From China

Electronic Consumer Electronics Association survey office of research data show that in 2009 consumers concerned about the degree LED television has been as high as 75% during the year to prepare consumers to buy LED TV ratio to 34%.

"LED market demand will be stimulated the most favorable development of television." Samsung TV relevant responsible person said that Samsung's market, the overall development of this year, across the board launched a total of three series of new 9 LED TV, accounting for more than 80% the domestic market. Samsung LED TV products accounted for

TV The proportion of overall sales have been way from the initial surge of 5% to 30%, "LED TV shipments revealed significantly enhance the rate of growth of domestic LED TV beyond imagination."

The next three years will present a "blowout"
Market research firm Displaybank conservative estimate, in 2010 the global LED TV sales will reach 15 million units over 2011 and 2012 shipments expected to reach 2500

Million and 50 million units. "2009 is only a prelude to the next 3 years we will see LED TV in the TV field full 'blowout'." Expert said, LED TV in China in 2010, universal access to more clearly reflect the expected Overall shipments of LCD TV market will reach a total volume of 30% -40%.

In this context, many domestic brands have gradually increased investment in the field of LED TV. It is reported that

Konka Kunshan in Jiangsu Province has a wholly-owned factory to build modules, the factory will mainly be LED backlight module development and production. In addition, last year entered the field of LED TV

Hisense Group II LCD module production line has also been put into production. LG, Sharp, Panasonic and other well-known companies are also involved in the recent LED TV.

However, the input, the Samsung's performance is the most eye-catching. It is understood that Samsung as early as 2005 began the development of LED TV earlier this year it invested 90 million U.S. dollars in Tianjin, LED Limited registration. The performance of industry leaders to follow up those who may be more determined commitment to domestic and foreign brands in LED TV this year-round speed input, and promote the whole industry into high-speed development period.

Be the last in 2009, led in by Samsung TV under the leadership of the international giants in joint efforts of domestic color TV enterprises, LED TV will undoubtedly gain a year of rapid development. In the next few years, LED TV was color TV manufacturers and consumers placed more expectations. Currently, both the trend of the market, manufacturers of action, or the willingness of consumers point of view, all signs indicate LED TV will welcome a comprehensive "blowout", perhaps tomorrow.
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China Led Flat Panel Tv Industry Into The Early Development Period - Samsung Tv, Led Tv - Network

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This article was published on 2011/04/05