Demystifying High-Definition Technology

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These days, High-Definition technology is present almost everywhere, from cameras to TVs or surveillance cameras placed on airports or streets. High-Definition (or HD) means that the resolution of the images is bigger than the Standard Definition (SD), resulting in clearer and bigger images which display more details. The resolutions for HD are usually 1280 over 720 pixels or 1920 over 1080 pixels in full-HD. In comparison with the classic image resolution which has been used for decades, like 640 over 480 pixels, the HD resolutions are considerable bigger and provide a greater quality for the images. There are HD TVs or HD cameras that use this technology successfully.

In addition to a bigger resolution, images are also displayed differently on a HD TV, for example. If the classic standard CRT TVs or monitors draw images on verticals and horizontal lines and the quality was lost during the transmission, for a HD TV the pictures are drawn digitally, using combinations of 0 and 1. There are two methods used to display the images on a HD TV screen. One of it is called progressive scanning and it draws the image entirely.

The second method is called interlaced scanning and it draws only the odd number of lines for half of the image field and even number of lines of the other half of the image field. This is a rather complicated process, but it provides astonishing results. You do not have to be a professional to realize that HD technology is way better than everything else at this moment.

HD technology is implemented in cameras as well, giving those cameras the possibility to capture images with maximum resolution and quality. In addition, the images are more vivid and the colors are brighter. HD cameras can be bought from every digital store and they are not very expensive. They will enable the customer to take very detailed photos and images of landscapes or peoples with little to no effort.

Perhaps now it is the time to give up of your old TVs and cameras and opt for a modern and better alternative. Of course, HD TVs and HD cameras are more expensive than CRT TVs for example, but they worth every penny because the quality of the pictures displayed is unmatched. You can enjoy a full-HD movie on your own living room, giving the impression of a real cinema in your house. The details of the pictures are overwhelming and they considerably add to the full experience of HD technology. The same thing applies for your HD camera, the images will amaze you and you will not regret that you purchased such a camera. You can connect your HD camera and your HD TV and admire your photos on the impressive size of a HD TV's screen.

Such impressive systems and gadgets are designed to last at least a few years and you will get warranties for them as well. HD technology is definitely one of the biggest innovations of our century.

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Demystifying High-Definition Technology

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Demystifying High-Definition Technology

This article was published on 2012/04/04