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Editor's note: the first half of this year, whether it is Skyworth,
Konka So these to black-oriented enterprises, or Meiling, Hisense Kelon and other white business, the market has been met with the College Entrance Examination. The face of pressure, many companies or scaling down, or tighten the market front, or transfer part of the order, thus avoiding risk. "China Electronics News" reporter has interviewed some well-known

Home Appliances After the company discovered that, despite the crises encountered, but most companies have successfully overcome the pressure, and is preparing counter-offensive way. Among these, some companies in the internal management of a deeper understanding, some companies have a more precise cost control accounting, inventory management, some companies have more flexible working. Therefore, we believe the near future, the Chinese home appliance industry will gradually out of the woods.

Skyworth: send forces overseas to relieve stress
"Costs to bring great pressure on businesses, the manufacturing sector most. For employment in the manufacturing sector to solve the largest contribution to the tax burden is also up, and labor, raw materials and increased transportation costs will be in reflected in the manufacturing sector. "Yang Dongwen, vice president of Skyworth Group, said.

Yang Dongwen said the pressure came mainly from three aspects: first, the foreign brands to adjust the price competition, put pressure on domestic brands. Second, the market competition. Although the European Cup this year,

Olympics Will, in theory on the color TV sales serve as a catalyst, but the actual outcome, the current market than expected, especially in central cities of color TV sales unexpectedly high, stable growth. Third, the pressure from the channels. States United States

Suning Channels such as business has its own competitive pressures, competitive pressures lead to commercial channels TV providers face more pressure.

The face of pressure, Skyworth Overseas Development Corporation president, Kuang Yubin said there Skyworth is to do two things: First, the global market demand for product development; Second, in every region of the overseas production bases to find a strategic partner, to a certain stage and then discuss whether to invest in overseas factories.

Addition, Skyworth in South America, Africa, Vietnam, Russia have cooperated with the factory, Skyworth and management of technology output value of RMB appreciation to make up for the unfavorable factors such as spare parts business also reduce other negative impacts.

Data show that first-quarter sales and Skyworth TV sales rose 90.17 percent and 128.4 percent. The second quarter continued rapid growth, the growth rate reached 226%, export sales of close to 100 million units. Which increased 151% in April; in May increased 319 percent; in June increased 268%.

Color TV exports, the LCD TV Increasing proportion of sales. First-quarter exports more than 60 million color TV sets, including LCD TV 316,000 units, accounting for 48%. Short high-end tube and short tube

CRT (CRT) television accounting for from 2% to 20%. The proportion of expected sales of LCD products will reach 50% -60%, high-end CRT TVs remain at 25%.

Upstream side, Skyworth and LG D companies to enter the LCD module project, expand the upstream plate.

Kuang Yubin said that to change the passive situation, Skyworth choice this year, product demand and Skyworth key products closer to the Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia as a key market to enhance market share and thus ease the pressure from overseas.

Konka: pushing tide over the crisis CRT TV
"By the appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices, market growth lower than expected, Japanese and Korean brands such as ultra-low-price competition factors disrupt the market, the domestic color TV enterprises feels the pain." Konka Multimedia Business Division Mu Gang, "China's color TV industry is in a difficult transition."

Reporter learned that, in response to the adverse environment, Konka television in the past two years on the design, production and marketing of all aspects were strengthened.
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Domestic Appliance Industry: Response To An Unfavorable Situation Out Of The Woods - Gome Electrical

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Domestic Appliance Industry: Response To An Unfavorable Situation Out Of The Woods - Gome Electrical

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