Duggar Family's 20th Member

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The well known and famous family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who stars in TLC reality show” 19 and counting” has suffered a  tragic loss of Michelle Duggar’s 20th daughter named Jubilee Shalom. The girl child was scheduled to be born on April 2012, but Michelle suffered a miscarriage during the course of her second trimester on Dec 8th, which resulted in the untimely death of her daughter Jubilee.

The family has come under media scrutiny and public criticisms, after they displayed photos of their stillborn in the family website. One photo shows the hand of Jubilee holding Michelle Duggars hand, while the other showed her two tiny feet’s. The people who attended the memorial service of the baby said that the photo was done in a tasteful manner, showing only the hands and feet’s of the baby.

The parents of 19 children, are said to be very religious and a firm believer of God. Michelle Duggar told reporters that she believes that God is the giver of life and he also has the power to take it away, whenever he feels.  Jim Bob thanked people around the world for supporting them during these hard times.

Doctors on the other hand has advised Michelle Duggar to refrain from any other attempt of getting pregnant because at her age the risk of miscarriages are highly elevated due to changes in the DNA structure. Doctors believe that she already has a duty towards her 19 children, and another pregnancy, will only make her weak and forbid her from fulfilling her duties as a mother.

Michelle Duggar, who is 45 years old, has previously suffered a miscarriage and has given birth to her youngest daughter in a premature state on the 25th week of her pregnancy weighing a little over one pound. She had to spend three months at the hospital, before she could start living a normal life.

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Duggar Family's 20th Member

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This article was published on 2011/12/29