Four Ways to get Cheap TV Ads

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Think out of the box and leave those old ways of getting TV advertisement after spending lots of time and money on them. It was an old trend where people were used to spend a huge sum to get a television advertisement. Now you can get cheap TV ads conveniently. Given below are four simplest ways to get cheap TV ads.

Use flip camera to shoot the ads

To take a nice picture you do not need HD camera quality every time simple flip camera with some good features will also do the same job for you. It is one of the easiest ways to create good quality videos in cheap rates. It is small and interesting gadget for the individuals who want to shoot simple videos for uploading on websites such as personal website or You Tube. It is small and easily portable gadget so you can take it anywhere to capture the best videos.

Now once video shoot is done next step is video editing use iMovie and window movie maker software to edit these videos and to personalise them with pictures and other things. This software is available for Mac computers which allow you to create video and audio podcasts, personalised movies and picture slideshows. You can also create powerpoints, audio or music file and you can also upload them into the collections of Window Movie Maker to create a digital library. Cost is for creating such videos is almost zero just your friend will ask you pizza for acting. Apart from the benefits it may happen that people will not take you seriously.

Hire a newbie to do your video ad

If you hire a newbie to create your video ad it will not cost you more and you can get it ready according to you. This is the cheapest option of creating the video but keep in mind that you will have to invest lots of time in it. You may not get audience oriented ads and it may happen that many of the major channels will reject your ad because of technical aspects.

Approach an Established ad Agency and Choose the Minimum Package

Search a small ad company and choose their low cost package to get your ad ready. You will get a good ad by this way which will be acceptable by many channels but for this you have to wait more than a month may be around four to six weeks and it will cost you nearly 20,000 dollars. If you don’t have a big firm with a huge budget of advertising then this is not a small amount isn’t it?

Choose & Select Company Package

Now this is what everybody is look for cheap TV ads which are accepted by all the channels, affordable cost, less time, quality video to attract the audience. At you can choose the company package where you will get completely researched script targeting your audience which will easily turn your audience into your leads and it will simply increase your conversion and brand name.

Are you expecting any cons in this way of getting cheap TV ads? You will get affordable ads because they don’t charge the bills of their long tail cars, very fast turn around time and cordial conversations because they are not mechanically corporate. 

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Four Ways to get Cheap TV Ads

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This article was published on 2011/08/09