Grey’s Anatomy ‘Hope for the Hopeless’ Review

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It was another amazing episode of Grey’s Anatomy, as it kicks off with it being Zola’s birthday, along with the number 10,000 Surgery for Dr. Weber, so there are two celebrations taking place in this episode.

To go deeper in the details of the show, we all predicted that Meredith would have chosen General Surgery as her specialty, putting in mind that it was her mothers, but we are astonished to find out that she hasn’t hosen one yet. And it is not a Grey’s Anatomy episode if it didn’t involve a sad event, and the sad event for this week was the surgery, a very risky one on an 11 years old boy, it was carried on by Derek and Lexie, to remove a tumor on his spine. Despite of his tremendous efforts, he fails at safely extracting it, despite of the fact that the kid will die in three months if the tumor doesn’t get removed.

Back to some celebration and happy time, but of course, that won’t take place in Grey’s anatomy, as after Owen sees Christina flirting with Zola, you can easily predict what’s going to happen as they start to get on each other nerves and fight over the abortion and the surgery. And his accusations towards Christina that she killed their baby. This leaves Christina in a state of shock.

As for Meredith she was overlooking the case of the two sisters with the liver transplant, both of them by the way were too much to handle, as one of them is donating her liver to the other, and she seems overwhelmed with it, and can’t shut up about it, and about how she is saving her sister by giving her the liver. And during the surgery we finally got an update and some continuity concerning Adele’s situation, as she is suffering from Alzheimer’s, she was found lost, and disoriented in the street, so one of her neighbors finds her and brings her to the hospital where her husband works. But he isn’t the first one to know, as Kepner finds out first because Weber was doing surgery, so he brings her to the gallery and then Weber starts to calm her down, it was a very high tension scene as she was very confused, with Weber trying to bring her back out of her disoriented state.

To sum things up, this episode was amazing, as it was filled with drama, celebration, and the usual surgery stealing done by Teddy and Christina when they stole a surgery from Dr. McQeen. All of this makes us eager to catch next week’s episode and waiting for the guest star Kate Walsh.

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Grey’s Anatomy ‘Hope for the Hopeless’ Review

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Grey’s Anatomy ‘Hope for the Hopeless’ Review

This article was published on 2012/03/06