Grimm ‘Cat And Mouse’ Review

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A Wesen bounty hunter named, Edgar Waltz is hired by the Verrat to track down another Wesen named, Ian Harmon in Portland.  Their paths cross in a bus station where Waltz manages to hit his prey with a bullet.  But Ian still escapes.  Detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin are then called to investigate the scene. 


From the station, Ian seeks help from an old friend, Rosalee who in turn calls Monroe for help.  Monroe is reluctant at first but Rosalee convinces him after disclosing that Ian is one of the leaders of the Resistance. 


Meanwhile, Waltz asks a bartender for information on how he can get some papers to leave town discreetly.  The bartender tells Waltz about a forger who can produce fake passports for him.  Identifying the bartender as another Wesen, Waltz kills him and leaves Ian’s passport in the scene.  All of this is part of Waltz’s brillant plan to lure the police in the hunt for Ian as well, making it more difficult for his prey to hide.  Nick is called again to investigate the new scene, finds Ian’s passport and with some corroborating statement from an eyewitness, Nick deduces that Ian is now in his criminal list.  Again, all of it is another well-executed plan by Waltz, including the part where he pretends to be an eyewitness with a credible statement.


Back at Rosalee’s shop, Rosalee successfully removes the bullet from Ian while Monroe decides to get Nick involved, despite Ian’s reservations about the detective.  So Monroe gives Nick a call, unaware that Nick is the hunt for Ian too.  Nick arrives at the shop, ready to arrest Ian for the murder of the bartender but Rosalee and Monroe testify that Ian was with them at the time of the murder.  Ian then briefs Nick about Waltz and of the impending war between the Verrat and the Resistance.


Meanwhile, always one step ahead his prey, Waltz goes off to see the forger named, Reginald.  He forces Reginald to acquiesce to his demands by threatening his entire family. With his back against the wall, Reginald is forced give up Rosalee the moment she went to the shop to get Ian’s fake passports.  Careful not to leave loose ends, Waltz kills Reginald then follows Rosalee to her shop.


Arriving at the shop, Waltz takes Rosalee as a hostage and blackmails Monroe to give up Ian or Rosalee dies.  Monroe calls Nick for help who arrives at the shop the same time Monroe does.  While Waltz, Monroe and Nick confront each other, Rosalee manages to take Waltz’s guard off by throwing pepper powder to his face, giving Monroe the chance to tackle him down.  By the time Waltz recovers, Nick and Ian’s guns are already on his face.  But it was Ian’s gun that finished him off. 


Nick orders Monroe to dispose Waltz’s body and make it look like he was killed by whoever he was chasing.  And after some convincing words from Rosalee and Monroe, Nick decides to let Ian go and telling him never to come back.  Ian departs with a warning of a looming war.


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Grimm ‘Cat And Mouse’ Review

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Grimm ‘Cat And Mouse’ Review

This article was published on 2012/04/25