HTDV Plasma Televisions - What Are They Actually?

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What 'creatures' are HTDV Plasma Televisions? What kinds of question is that? Of course, definitely, they are TVs. Yes, truly they are televisions. But do we realize that not all of us know the terms we often hear about TV nowadays. If in the past when people were talking about TV, undoubtedly it was a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube TV) but nowadays it's not directly a CRT TV but it can be an LCD TV, it can be also a plasma TV, and it can be an LCD TV too. And there are also SDTV and HDTV terms, what are they all about?

If there are some of you who are still confused about the terms- Tube TV, CRT TV, plasma TV, LCD TV, SDTV, HDTV, you don't have to worry about it because you are not alone, just like what the late King of Pop said on his song. When I asked about these terms to people around me, they said that they are all just the same; TV! Of course, with no doubt, they are all televisions. But none of them knows the difference.

Actually, if we have the basic knowledge about this thing, it's pretty easy to identify each one of them. If people say a CRT/tube TV, or an LCD TV, or a plasma TV-what makes them different from each other is the way they display pictures. CRT TV uses cathode ray tube to display pictures (that's why they are also known as tube TV), plasma TV uses gas, and LCD TV uses liquid crystal as well. While SDTV and HDTV are terms to show the ability of a TV to receive a high definition signal sent by satellite or cable provider in order to get a better viewing motion or not. The one which is capable to receive it called an HDTV (High Definition Television) and the other which is not called an SDTV (Standard Television). Almost all plasma TVs and LCD TVs are HDTV but it doesn't imply on CRT / tube TV. Most of CRT TVs are SDTV but some new releases of CRT TVs are now HD ready.

With the basic knowledge above, I think you are now able to define what HTDV Plasma Televisions are. Yes, they are high definition TVs which use gas to display their pictures. Maybe for your additional info, they could have size more than 50-inch. So, if you are a movie goer, an HDTV Plasma TV | a plasma HDTV is just for you. They are adaptable to place in a room with minor light-again; it's a plus for movie lovers as it is good to watch fast motion (action movies and sports).

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HTDV Plasma Televisions - What Are They Actually?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30