Internet Tv: Maximizing Your Tv Viewing

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If you want to truly maximize your viewing pleasures with your TV, then installing internet TV is one of the best things that you should do. However, there are a lot of companies that offer this particular product but if you want to get the best features, then trying out the internet TV of KPN should top your list.


The KPN is the leading internet service provider (ISP) in Western Europe and this is the reason why this particular company offers a lot of innovations to its subscribers. One of the innovative products that the company offers is the Internet TV which is an interactive TV that lets you experience heightened TV viewing options.

The Internet TV is a standard in every package offered by the company and it is initially free to clients with existing subscription to the internet. This particular product uses the internet as its platform as it provides interactive viewing to clients thus clients are no longer restricted to sitting in front of the monitor when watching TV but they are offered with so much more options. Here are some of the best features of the Internet TV offered by KPN.

Free Use Of The TV Receiver

KPN offers free use of its digital TV receiver as long as you are an existing subscriber of the company. Moreover, the installation of the digital TV receiver is free so all you need to do is to inform anyone from the company regarding your intentions to have the digital TV installed on your TV set. Now, upon installation, you are not required to buy a new TV as the digital TV receiver provided by KPN can work even with analog TV.

Over 50 Digital TV Channels Available

Once you install the digital TV receiver, you will get 50 digital TV channels initially for free. However, if you want to increase your choices, then you can pay a little fee of 10 monthly so that you can have additional 42 channels in your program. All of these channels are in HD format even if your TV is using analog technology. On the other hand, you are also provided with the option to record missed TV shows by schedule recording.

The Internet TV Gives Access To Home Video Store

If your family fancies watching current videos, then the internet TV will direct you to the online home video store in the KPN website where you have the freedom to choose any movies that you like to watch. The home video store of KPN keeps a huge collection of old and new films in different genre thus you and your family will be able to enjoy a nice weekend with nothing to do but have movie marathon all day. This particular feature is extremely beneficial to all moviephiles out there.
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With more than 6.3 million subscribers, the KPN is considered as the biggest telecommunications company in the Netherlands. Moreover, it does not only offer its services to the Netherlands but also in neighboring countries such as Germany, Belgium, France and Spain but under different brand names. Considered as the biggest data transport company in Western Europe, KPN provides innovations such as the Internet TV.

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Internet Tv: Maximizing Your Tv Viewing

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This article was published on 2010/12/15