Internet Tv Should Be The Development Of A Revolution In Television

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Last month, SARFT has IPTV licenses in the previous seven units in the three selected, release the first domestic Internet TV License, thus triggering the industry on a new round of discussion of Internet TV.

Internet TV itself is not a new topic, I remember the beginning of 2006, we just circle in Sina's blog, when the club began to build IPTV discuss this subject. IPTV club in the first large-scale salon scene, Professor Hou Ziqiang to "ipTVvs.IPtv" theme analysis of two IPTV. Defined according to Professor Designate: carrier can be managed in the IP Internet IPTV can be called a ipTV, is an evolution. While operating in the public Internet IPTV can be called a IPtv, is a revolution.

Are talking about Internet TV is to be called the Revolution, Professor designate the IPtv.

Evolution of TV Internet TV, subject or TV, it is an evolution of the state television.

What is evolution? Master Tang Wei Ching original letter for some classic quotes: "when the Zen monk 30 years ago did not see is the mountain, water is water. Up later, seeing the knowledge into the office there, the mountain is not mountain, See the water is not water. Individual must now break Department, according to former mountain is only the hill, see the water is just water. "experienced Zen master of the three states, is the evolution of three stages.

Review the history of television, from the wireless television to cable, from analog TV to digital TV conversion, the initial basic business is a clone, TV is TV.

Driven technological innovation with the television business, from the open-circuit television to develop pay-TV, from watching live TV to use TiVo to record TV, VOD, TV, watch TV from only the evolution of the TV to the computer phone installed TV card and watch television, to all kinds of video programs on the Internet, "sharing", a variety of Internet terminals are free to the watch ... ... seemingly everywhere on TV, people feel "the mountains are not mountains, the waters and is not water ", which is enhanced and the grafting phase of television.

And to the stage of Internet TV, which is not only an enhanced TV, and it will have to bring is a TV revolution.

TV or TV, but is no longer the traditional sense before the TV was!

Current conflicts TV manufacturers in accordance with prior practices of the so-called Internet TV is installed in the traditional TV module that can access the Internet, so users access the Internet TV channel to allow access to traditional TV broadcast content.

The SARFT's management of Internet TV is also based on this starting point. Is the terminal would go to radio and television tube television sets (in the computer and mobile phone television programming is also owned radio and television tubes), it issued a document blocking all the exits, only reliable broadcasting in the three units that opened below the entrance, its purpose is still to strictly related content. TV makers and SARFT

this contradiction is not so should have, because if the user in mainland China to see content by computers, not to look at from another terminal, which in itself is unreasonable (copyright issues excluded). The problem arising from pre-conflict is currently the Internet's content management and content management standards for broadcast television different, such as Phoenix TV programs on the Internet can already watch legitimate, and in the TV networks or not to ground.

Content should be managed, but the management of the Internet and on a different network management standards are unreasonable. Meanwhile, the Internet TV's own technical innovation to enhance the user experience is good, but the "can not see the content of TV" as the main selling point on its head.
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Internet Tv Should Be The Development Of A Revolution In Television

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This article was published on 2010/09/07