Interpretation of the five categories of household appliances in 2008 fashion trends

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Spring, a large number of Home Appliances New listing, and accompanied by

Olympics Will be approaching, but also provides opportunities for major appliance manufacturers, all products have expose Olympic appearance, as

Consumption Provide a more extensive choices. What popular appliance in the end of this year, What are the various main new features of the appliance to the next pulse ... ... Let us interpret the five 2008 home appliances category trends.

TV : Main figures and movements Present size of the polarized screen size

With Digital Television The publication of the ground transmission standard, and digital TV reception

Terminal Equipment The formal implementation of industry standards, so that color TV to digital, flat-based,

Big screen Of direction. Sony this year,

Samsung , Konka Brands have launched a variety of Full HD products, HD

Television Popularity in the domestic market will continue to accelerate the pace.

And sports fans on the concerns of various Olympic events, also sports a bright spot this year, a big TV, fast response

Plasma TV Movement can provide a more perfect picture. Konka's campaign series, there

LG About time can be time-recording features a fantastic program that allows you to miss a race for every wonderful.

Some experts predict that the size of this TV show will also polarized. First, large-screen televisions will be the market focus of attention, more than 40-inch flat-panel large-screen TV will be fully operational, will gradually increase its market share in flat-panel TV to about 20% of total sales. Samsung 70-inch

LCD TV In capital States United States

Listing of stores, large screen brings clarity and style viewing experience. The 42-inch, 46 inch, 59 inches will be the mainstream TV market size, large-screen TV prices will decline further.

The TV screen size to be constantly refreshed, while small-screen television will be increased dramatically. According to reports, many families in the living room big screen TV complete update for the placing of a small bedroom TV screen started to increase demand. According to reports, a group of small-screen 26-inch LCD TV will be listed in April, the price in dollars between 2000-3000, is expected to liquid crystal

Computer Display line. Ice wash products:

More Energy , Health, intelligence As people Life Increase the level of aesthetics,

Refrigerator , Washing machine Not only save

Food , Washing clothes that simple. Foreign manufacturers have introduced new technologies and new products, those with accurate temperature control, preservation, energy saving, water saving, sterilization and other functions of the refrigerator, washing machine products are very popular. Energy saving refrigerator, washing machine and other products has become a basic configuration.

This year alone refrigeration refrigerator outside more than the pursuit of fresh concepts.

Siemens , Meiling has launched a fresh function zero refrigerator. In addition, many brands of refrigerator temperature region also set up three, four temperature zone, five temperature zone, each temperature zone can independently adjust the temperature according to the characteristics of food, make your life more healthy diet. In various

Home Appliances , The fridge is usually uninterrupted run, use a long time. Therefore, the energy efficiency of refrigerators with high market prospects. In appearance, the two-door, three door refrigerator has become commonplace.

Addition to energy saving, healthy function of washing machines will be the highlight of the future market. Currently, some brand manufacturers have introduced antibacterial, in addition to mold and other features of new products.

Air conditioning: More to pursue energy efficiency and health

Addition to refrigeration function, air-conditioned constant temperature, moisture, air purification, antibacterial and other more feature-rich. Some have the appearance of fashion models are thin by consumers.

Set a sleep function

Po air conditioning, people just sleep in the temperature set low, and as people enter sleep, body temperature started to decline, air temperature gradually increased and maintained at a constant state, so that sleep more comfortable.

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Interpretation of the five categories of household appliances in 2008 fashion trends

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