Mad Men ‘Tea Leaves’ Review

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On this episode of Mad Men, it continues the very interesting and intriguing concept of Youth Vs Age. It also carries on the storyline of Pete owning Roger’s behind, which defiantly helps with the whole Youth Vs Age theme. The show kicks off by some dress zipping done by Bobby and Sally helping out Betty. And of course, it was obvious that this was done in order to make viewers take note that Betty has became a lot fatter, and after a lot of tries to zip up the dress, she becomes upset and decides not to go, and of course, Henry was waiting for her, and when he knows that, he is the opposite of happy. Then we see Henry’ mother paying a visit to Betty to speak to her that she should start going to events with Henry and to start taking diet pills to get some of that weight off. And of course this doesn’t sit well with Betty and it made her so embarrassed.

So to solve this issue about her gained weight, she decided to pay a visit to a doctor in order to get some diet pills prescribed. And as if she doesn’t have enough self confidence issues with her weight, the doctor calls her middle aged. He tells her that she doesn’t need any pills, and this whole issue is in her mind, because her weight gain is a psychological. But despite that, while doing the examination, he finds something that worried him. And after she goes back home, Henry is not there but she calls Don to inform him that the doctor found something fishy on her thyroid and that she is starting to lose control over her nerves. Don does his role trying to assure her and calm her down by telling her that everything is going to end well and that she doesn’t need to worry. Then Henry comes back and finds that Betty is in the bathroom taking a shower, he did some manipulating and pulled some strings in order to get her the appointed the day after.

So she goes to that appointment, and then she goes to grab a bite for lunch with someone that she met at the doctor’s clinic. And this friend is sick with a very fatal disease, and we see Betty asking her how she feels, and the answer was very heartbreaking and emotional, she said it feels like that she is in the ocean, in the middle of it while having all the people she cares about, family, loved ones and friends back at the beach, and as much as she tries to swim at their direction, they go further and further. Of course the episode doesn’t end here, but it is only a bite of this amazing episode of Mad Men as it contained a lot of other storylines and interesting events.



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Mad Men ‘Tea Leaves’ Review

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Mad Men ‘Tea Leaves’ Review

This article was published on 2012/04/24