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< BR> recently introduced in the revitalization of China's electronic information industry, including the six planning key projects, the number of
Promote the use and construction of rank one chain. However, the importance of the DTV transmission terminal?? Digital TV promotion of integrated machine manufacturer and broadcasting needs of operators can be achieved, so the popularity of products subject to a certain degree of control. Experts pointed out that only companies and operators together to create a win-win model, digital TV will be one machine in our rapid promotion.

One machine model and highly respected

In the industry, has been the view that: ordinary set-top box solution is the stock market, DAC problem, and digital TV integrated machine will solve the incremental market. But the survey shows that many consumers do not like, "a television, a remote control set-top box plus two" approach, do not like hanging on the wall
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Pull two "black tail", but more willing to accept the "one machine plus a remote control" model.

Globally, sales of TV sets in Japan, more than 95% of digital TV integrated machine, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission also provides that sales of televisions in the United States must be capable of receiving terrestrial digital TV transmission standard signals.

2008 year, the State Office of Document No. 1 "on the digital TV industry to encourage the development of a number of policy" explicitly pointed out: In addition to terrestrial digital TV GB, the highest popularity in China as cable TV, its digital development should fully adopt the "machine card separation "of the technical system, namely," cable digital TV receiver terminal (including set-top box and one machine) implementation of machine card separation system (ie, digital TV receiver terminal and the conditional access module completely separated). "

In March this year, the State Council approved in principle the electronic information industry revitalization planning, digital TV support to promote a national focus on one of the six projects. Can be expected to vigorously promote the digital TV digital TV one particular machine, will be
Development of the strategic objectives, but also the inevitable trend of the times. At the same time, businesses have to plan and launch one machine products.

China Electronics Technology Group, Institute of Electronics, Senior Engineer Liu Quanen told reporters the fourth, Machine Card Separation Standard finalized and begin broadcasting high-definition program sources for the promotion of digital TV integrated machine cleared the way, but the first draft of the standard one machine is giving advice to enterprises, various provinces and cities to seek the views of Radio and Television department, so one machine to promote digital TV can be said that everything is ready.

One machine application at a slower rate

Digital TV one machine, though they have huge market potential, companies have spared no effort to promote the development of related products, but now the whole industry is still faced with an old proposition: industrial policy and supporting implementation lags far behind the enterprise products launched speed, especially operators and terminal manufacturers cooperate more delay, for consumers in a lot of inconvenience.

Good wishes of the consumers, through the machine card separation resolved over Digital Cable Television CA incompatibility, you can rest assured that in parts of
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Store to buy the whole model one machine, and simply plug in the local cable operators with local CA issued a smart card system, you can watch the local cable broadcast HD and SD digital TV programs.

Fact, however, still remain at around the cable operators with set-top box to receive the level, unable to provide card
Will be some time transition.

Liu Quanen that China's current source of rare terrestrial digital TV programs, cable digital TV is still the main way of viewing. In China, digital TV is the need to promote integrated machine manufacturer and broadcasting operators to achieve. Can be said that digital cable television fragmentation is to limit the one machine to further promote the important cause.

TV operators all over the country long divided the model, the current city level there are more than 300 operators, together with county-level, reaching more than 500.
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Operators, Manufacturers Of Digital Television Universal Marriage Breakthrough - Digital Tv, Tcl Tv

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Operators, Manufacturers Of Digital Television Universal Marriage Breakthrough - Digital Tv, Tcl Tv

This article was published on 2011/01/26