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With VHS a thing of the past, there was a brief period when it was hard to find a way to record live TV without hooking up that old VHS player and sticking in a tape, then spending hours scrolling through the result to find the start or end, or indeed any of the content you recorded. Once you had finally found it, the quality quickly reminded you why VHS was a thing of the past.

That was, unless you had Sky. Sky Plus lets you pause, rewind and record live TV easily, effectively and with great quality. For those with just terrestrial TV however, there was very little that could be done. However, with the digital changeover already underway, most people have or are in the process of getting some kind of digital set top box, or a television with Freeview or Freesat included. However, some people are unaware that for very little extra cost, they can easily get Freeview Plus or Freesat Plus.

Working in the same way as Sky Plus, these systems let you record TV whilst watching another channel, and let you store huge numbers of programs on the built-in hard drive for you to keep or watch and simply delete.

For those wanting such facilities, checking the health of your current set-up is a must. Recording your favourite program only to return home to find that it froze halfway through is going to be downright infuriating. You may find the answer is simply that you need a new TV aerial installation or simply that the aerial is not pointed the right way for optimum reception.

Whatever the reason, getting TV aerial installation can be both cheap and easy. The aerial installers will usually be able to recommend the best choice for your area too, whether it be Freeview or Freesat or something different, so it is worth talking to the aerial installers before you rush out and buy that new system.

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Recording Live TV

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This article was published on 2011/01/11