Samsung Le22a457 Review: 22 Inch Hd Ready Digital Lcd Television

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While the early versions of the television set were made using cathode ray tubes, today's television sets are slimmer, lighter, and occupy lesser space. Among the most popular television variants today include LCD's, or liquid crystal display TV sets. An LCD TV uses liquid crystal technology, to produce sharper, more vivid images. LCD television sets are also lighter and thinner than cathode ray sets, and offer other practical interoperable features too. With lower manufacturing costs and increased production, LCD TV sets have eventually gained dominance of the TV market today.

What Are The Disadvantages of LCD TV Sets?

While LCD television sets are the most widely produced and sold variants today, compared to Plasma TV sets, they do have their fair share of flaws and quirks. According to television experts, these TV types are relatively inefficient when it comes to power use per display size, since the large majority of light is produced at the back of the screen, and is blocked once it reaches the viewer. Here's a review of the Samsung LE22A457.

Does The Samsung LE22A457 Have Any Drawbacks?

While this Samsung television is a very smart-looking compact TV with a superior picture quality, some customers have mentioned a couple of drawbacks to using it. Some viewers have complained of a little motion blurs especially on fast moving action or sport sequences. Whenever you're watching Freeview though, you may need to boost the signal by suing an antenna booster, especially in some areas, although it offers better picture quality with Blu-Ray and regular DVD's.

Some TV owners have also ranted about the Samsung LE22A457's less than expected sound quality, a swell as the limited connection capabilities. For small and medium-sized rooms though, the TV set's sound levels would be more then enough. The limited connections though may be a bit distressing, since there are no white and red jack plugs which serve as audio outputs. However, if you connect your iPod or MP3 player to it, the sound quality is exceptional though. This TV may also work fully well with old home cinema systems, therefore you may need to connect it via the yellow video lead to achieve better picture quality.

In summary though, the Samsung LE22A457 is a good deal for its price range. Many buyers say they'd probably give it a five-star rating, if not for its less-than desired sound quality. However, for general use, this LCD TV set is worth the price, although you may need to connect it to something else if you want to watch your favourite action movie.
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Samsung Le22a457 Review: 22 Inch Hd Ready Digital Lcd Television

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Samsung Le22a457 Review: 22 Inch Hd Ready Digital Lcd Television

This article was published on 2010/10/24