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The so-called LED Backlit LCD TV, LCD TV in general to add the LED light source backlight. Traditional LCD TV backlight is used in cold cathode fluorescent lamp, simply, is that household fluorescent lamp, only a very thin tube. This backlight is very difficult to achieve even on television, so that the color intensity of the TV picture is different. The LED backlight LCD TV with a lot of light-emitting diode, so the colors will make the TV picture looks more uniform and beautiful.

LED backlight LCD TV is a TV area in the high-end products. Listed more than six months, quickly becoming the new favorite TV field. National Day Golden Week this year

Home Appliances Promotion World War, LED backlit LCD TVs have become the main public promotion products business.

LED LCD TV sales surge China Electronic Office of Consumer Electronics Association survey the latest research data: the current consumer LED LCD TV attention, as much as 75%, ranking No. 1 ranked consumer electronics products.

It is understood that the market was first introduced

Samsung B series of LED-backlit LCD TV, then Sharp, LG and other brands were also launched. This year in June,

Hisense , Skyworth, Konka and some other brands are coming up soon.

LED backlight LCD TV fundamental to large size, thin

Energy Product-based, 32-inch price in 7000 ~ 8000 yuan, 55-inch price of 1.7 million to 20,000 yuan.

Suning Household Appliances Co., Ltd. Jinhua shop black red Xue procurement minister told reporters in March of this year, LED-backlit LCD TV entered the market in Jinhua, rising sales, accounting for the total TV

Sell Amount of 10% to 15%, with 46-inch, priced at 16,000 to 1.7 million sales of the best LED. During the National Day, Suning Jinhua store TV sales grew more than 3 times a year, including LED-backlit LCD TVs accounted for 15%.

Three major advantages to promote the market

LED backlight LCD TV in the end with what the quality and charm, which made consumers concerned about such a high degree? Hangzhou, Qingdao Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. Sales Branch Manager of branch office operations, Jinhua Jun country analysis, LED backlit LCD TV mainly embodies the following three major advantages.

Saving and environmental protection. As a backlight LED, their energy consumption better than conventional LCD TVs light source used in lower energy consumption, and the brightness of conventional TV is generally fixed, and have maintained the same power consumption, LED-backlit LCD TV With the screen brightness can take the initiative to adjust the brightness, the brightness of different images have different energy, more environmentally friendly energy. In addition, because the LED light source does not have rays, is green light.

Thin fashion appearance. It is reported that more than 70% of the consumers LED backlight LCD TV is that it is fashionable thin and light. For example, LG's new direct type LED LCD TV thinnest between only 2.48cm, while the traditional LCD TV as technically difficult to cross, it is difficult to achieve such a slim design.

Revolutionary upgrade quality. This is also the LED backlight LCD TV LCD TV and traditional distinction between the largest. As the LED backlight LCD TV with a unique backlight technology, the light source after a certain spread to evenly illuminate the painted picture of a transparent film, thus transmitting a beautiful picture.
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Significant Increase In Sales Of Led Backlight Lcd Tv Attention-led Backlit Lcd Tv, Sharp Led Tv -

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Significant Increase In Sales Of Led Backlight Lcd Tv Attention-led Backlit Lcd Tv, Sharp Led Tv -

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