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Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga killed it on Saturday Night Live when Timberlake played guest host on the show's season finale.  Celebrity news outlets were ablaze as the two, with the help of comical genius Andy Samberg, made the last episode of the year easily one of the best showings in recent memory. 


Samberg and Timberlake went to the very edge of on-air decency with the next in the now long line of hilarious digital shorts.  The duo joined guest singer Gaga in a raunchy video entitled ‘In a Three Way', in which Gaga played the third. That is where the analysis of the video will end as the rest is up to you to research.  It is definitely worth a look and is all but guaranteed to get a laugh.


The best in show came, however, when Timberlake, dressed as a bottle of beer, interrupted Kristen Wiig, dressed as a tea bag, as the two clashed in an epic showdown for obnoxious sidewalk marketing territory.  Hilarious remakes of popular hip-hop songs ensued as the two battled it out for territorial and lyrical dominance.  JT put it over the top when Gaga, dressed as a ridiculous-looking wine bottle, joined him in the bid for you to "bring it on down to Liquorville".  Gaga made quite the impression with her typical weirdness, even if the costume wasn't outlandish as she is normally used to.


The little monsters all put their claws up when Gaga came on for her performance of ‘Born This Way' wearing all leather and a dog collar complete with massive spikes.  Born out of an egg-spaceship that has given celebrity gossip columnists the giggles, the singer nailed her performance from start to finish.  Although she has spent the past couple of months touring relentlessly across the globe, the artist looked fit during her performance, even after she miraculously became nine months pregnant half way through the song. 


Recently Gaga has been touring non-stop for her Born This Way album, which was released on 23 May, making this tour the second highest-grossing music tour of 2010, losing out only to Bon Jovi.  Her previous album, The Fame Monster, was also the highest selling album during that same time period. In the weeks leading up to the SNL episode Gaga was in the US, Mexico, Canada, Spain, France and the UK. She has recently announced another round of dates for her performances to begin in late 2011 and running into 2012.

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SNL Finale Best in Years

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This article was published on 2011/06/06