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At present, Internet TV Related standards has been officially launched, the Internet television licenses have also been officially released, this booming Internet television market, is a major positive. In the joint efforts of all sectors of the industry chain, the Internet TV market will gradually regulate the market to upgrade again just around the corner.

Last year, the Internet television as the triple play of the end products sought after by the market, the domestic TV Enterprises to play a comeback. This year, "tasted the sweetness of" the domestic color TV manufacturers in the spring is full of confidence with a series of new Internet television, wishing to consolidate the advantages gained in the last year.

Recently, good news on the Internet TV industry: Internet TV related standards have been officially launched, the Internet TV license has been issued. The future, the Internet TV market will gradually regulate the market to upgrade again just around the corner.

Content protection standard will involve

Internet TV on Flat Panel TV The stimulating effect of the market is obvious. According to research firm Ove Consulting forecasts that by 2010 the National Internet TV market growth will exceed 50% of the market will more than 30 billion yuan. However, Internet TV content copyright and other related issues involved, it has been for TV manufacturers of fear.

"Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industry, 2009 second amended plan of professional standards," issued a "network TV application technology requirements" and "Network TV user authentication management system technical requirements," the two plans, by the National Audio , video and multimedia systems and equipment standardization technical committee responsible for organizing the development.

"In addition to the Institute, the Hisense , Konka, TCL, Changhong, Skyworth, and other mainstream TV manufacturers will be involved in the development of standards. "China Electronic Electronics Standardization Institute for Systems Research Center and director of Zhang Subing in the "China Electronics News" interview, revealed, "has begun drafting the standard, and divided about the scope."

It is reported that Zhang Subing said the "scope" mainly refers to the standards covered by the indicators, such as picture quality, interface settings, content protection aspects. The most concern is the content protection indicators.

Reporter learned that the standard Internet TV Internet TV production processes mainly related indicators, does not involve the content. Normally, the TV simply accept the signal, without adding content protection indicators. But Zhang Subing told reporters, setting the aspects is to better integrate the three networks with national policy to promote and to meet the requirements of content providers.

Journalists also found that, in fact, increased content protection index is more important goal is to end color TV manufacturers in the production of more standardized conditions, Internet TV, to avoid entering "minefield."

A sense, the standard not only to govern the market, but also effectively protected the interests of TV manufacturers. In addition, Changhong, China's color TV manufacturers are also in some of the content protection. As the content protection system in the development of Changhong, content protection standards for long-term study conducted in 2007, Changhong had become co-head of the unit AVSDRM group.

The greatest impact on foreign brands

Internet TV Standard, the impact of foreign brands is the largest. Zhang Subing told reporters that the issuance of licenses as the Internet television and related standards, Internet TV content protection and terminal equipment and so on will have a scientific basis, which foreign brands to enter the field will play a key role.

Through data analysis, we can assume that the desire for foreign brands to the standard. Yee data in 2009, the domestic brand in China LCD TV Market share of 70% while the share of foreign brands less than 30%.

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Start The Internet Will Become The Standard

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This article was published on 2010/10/12