Television rules the advertising and entertainment industry

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For what do you give your first preference when it comes to choosing the medium for advertising? TV, Internet, radio, door to door campaigns? When you choose a medium to advertise your product or brand, be sure of the pros and cons associated with it because you are spending your hard earned dollars. You will be able to reach the people through any of the media, but you have to select the media based on the product and content that you want to advertise. If you want the people to recognize the benefits in your product and make a live demonstration then you can choose television.

The Internet might be the bandwagon nowadays but the television still rules the entertainment media. I can provide you some facts and figures to support my statement. According to a recent analysis in the Three Screen Report by Nielsen, an American on an average spends approximately 153 hours on watching television every month and there is a 1.2% increase when compared to the previous year. Moreover a household in America owns on an average of 2.24 televisions. This means that about 99% of the population own a television and spend above 5 hours in a day on it. What do you understand from these numbers? Television is still the most powerful and universal medium to reach the vast and gigantic audience.

The best thing about advertising on television is that you can showcase your creativity. If you are imaginative and can put forward your ideas exquisitely them you can anchor a hoard of audience and grab their attention. It is not the matter of producing a high budget commercial, all that will account for is the quality of stuff in it. If you can’t afford to pay more for buying commercials, then you can opt to not advertise during the prime hours. It is costly only during the peak hours and when you do outside peak hours, it is going to be very economical for you. The television viewing rating for a particular program will help you to measure your results. You can get to know how far you have been successful in bringing your idea to the audience and how many have viewed your advertisement.

People will understand more when you show them a live demonstration as what you have seen gets stored in your brain rather what you have heard. That is the reason why television has an edge over radio advertising. In radio advertising they don’t get to see your product unlike in television where they will be able to relate easily. While advertising on television you can target a particular age group of audience. This will allow you to easily convey your ideas to them.

When you repeatedly advertise on television you can create a brand image for your product and build confidence in the minds of the customers. The customers will judge your company or product to be stable and professional. The people will start recognizing your product and the next time they see your product they are sure to make a purchase. This can be created only with time and you have to be consistent in advertising. Otherwise the public will assume that your product is out of business in the industry.

Technology has brought about a lot of advancements in television which has made our TV viewing experience more delightful and alluring. After I bought my Dish hd from the Dish TV retailer, I find myself addicted to my television. How else can I not be addicted? I get to watch my favorite shows with the booming sounds and evident picture clarity? It is impossible to refrain from watching television as I get the On Demand videos and movies on my television and have the experience of watching it from a theater. It is no wonder why more and more people are getting hooked to the “Idiot Box.”

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Television rules the advertising and entertainment industry

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Television rules the advertising and entertainment industry

This article was published on 2012/04/26