Tender From The Countryside To See Home Appliance Industry "big Three" Fierce Competition

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For the first time Appliances to the countryside Tender results announced on Feb. 4, home appliances to the countryside is still in the tender for washing machine, color TV, Refrigerator , Refrigerator (freezer), mobile phones, cookers (induction cooker), microwave ovens, air conditioners, computers, Solar water heaters , Storage-type electric water heaters and gas water heaters, etc., a total of 12 products. This 12 appliances Total 531 Chinese and foreign enterprises bid, Mainland firms are still the biggest winner, of which 178 companies involved in home appliances to the countryside for the first time, which also include Toshiba, Samsung , Electrolux, GE, etc. more than 20 foreign brands.

Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Ministry yesterday Joining the public in 2010 the first national household appliances to the countryside bidding results, it is an appliance to the countryside to improve product price ceiling for the first time after the tender, especially caused concern to the industry.

"New TV Successful Bidder 3 "," new air-conditioning successful business 2 "," successful companies a new mobile phone ", and announcing the results show that although this year many new appliances to the countryside to increase the tender bidding companies, but in color TV, air conditioning and mobile phones, the new number of enterprises are very few winning, and winning dozens of new ice cleaning product companies in sharp contrast. this reflects the ice cleaning products more popular in the rural market, on the other hand also to a certain extent presents the appliance on the market structure of different sub-sectors.

TV is still the most tender concern of the industry highlights. 2010, bringing home appliances color TV publicity sub-projects have successful businesses and a new tender bid of two companies. Not the outside world expected, as the countryside by the TV's price ceiling of 3,500 yuan had doubled to 7,000 yuan in urban markets are considered the 55-inch LCD high-end varieties into the countryside for the first time ranks. Reporter saw TCL , Konka, Skyworth, Changhong have each a 55-inch LCD grazing bid price ceiling. In addition, 52-inch, 50-inch products have emerged, but the last tender, or the scarcity of products, the 46-inch LCD is a lot of winning. Reporter also noted that limit has attracted more foreign investment to upgrade TV joined the ranks of the countryside, Sharp , LG has a 46 or 47 inch large screen LCD finalists, the first time, bringing home appliances, Samsung also introduced the 5 product. Insiders pointed out that, in addition to enhancement of price ceiling, the past year LCD TV Costs of both the high-end color TV that brought the key to a lot of the countryside. HEA's home network also noted that yesterday's announcement of a new batch of TV involving a total of 25 successful enterprises in more than 600 models, which only three new successful businesses, shows the intense color TV market has been very difficult to tolerate the competition of new enterprises join.

2010 TV to rural areas is a major highlight of the traditional CRT TV Flat Panel TV repel CRT, a large bid. TCL, Hisense, Konka, with the side, Skyworth, Haier successful TV all the LCD TV or plasma TV but not the CRT trace.

In the last tender, refrigerators and washing machines have the largest number of successful enterprises, the bid is still the focus of the two, which washing machines are 102 enterprises in more than 2,600 types of products won the bid, the refrigerator has 93 enterprises in 1300 short-listed a number of models. Groups like the United States only to "America's" brand ceiling according to the category involved in the tender bid, but also by its small swans and Hualing brand after another in the washing machine and refrigerator category of winning of 50 models. In addition, other appliances peer to washing machines, refrigerators in the field, "straddling" the phenomenon is also common tender. Changhong, Skyworth, Konka, TCL and other color TV giants and Glanz, Zhi Gao has awarded dozens of washing products. Big enterprises to participate in the International Ice wash the same strong interest in the countryside, in addition to previously participated in the countryside on a very small number of foreign brand, the Sharp, Whirlpool, GE, Siemens for the first time participated in the washing machine to the countryside, Electrolux, Panasonic, LG, Sharp also participated in the refrigerator to the countryside for the first time.

Learned that winning the new home appliance products from this month will be on sale one after another, some listed products will be faster to catch the Chinese New Year "sales schedule." Eligible rural consumers in the market from now on bid to buy the product directory, you can enjoy the financial subsidy in accordance with the provisions of the.

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Tender From The Countryside To See Home Appliance Industry "big Three" Fierce Competition

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This article was published on 2010/10/12