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some people actually consider tv infomercials as a waste of time, they are actually effective with regards to selling their company’s services and products.  So what are infomercials? Infomercials are tv commercials that usually lasts longer than 5 minutes. They are usually shown during early morning, daytime or evening hours. However, there are some stations that air infomercials outside the peak hours of primetime broadcasting. Tv Infomercials have captured the attention of most viewers, that even some remember those years after they were aired.  This only shows that these infomercials created familiarity and demanded attention in the products. So anyway, the following are the top tv infomercial products that keep the phones ringing and all those credit card numbers rushing in.

  1. Proactiv Solution
  • Who would not be convinced by Hollywood stars such as Justin Bieber and Jessica Simpson? Proactiv is an anti-acne cleanser pack. It claims to be the answer to all acne problems for everybody regardless of skin type, age or even the severity of the acne. What makes Proactiv different is that it can prevent future breakouts while other skin care products are only formulated to get rid of the existing acne problem.
  1. Bowflex home gym
  • People today are so into getting fit and that is why the Bowflex home gym is a number two. Their commercials are filled with testimonials from super hot individuals who owe their fit bodies to working out with the use of Bowflex home gym in just six weeks.                                                                                 
  1. Shamwow
  • Basically the Shamwow is a towel that can soak up to 12 times its own weight. Amazing huh? You can wipe out any spills from coffee, wine or even pet and soda stains. And these towels won’t even cost you much. For just $20 you could already avail 4 amazing towels.
  1. Showtime Pro Electric Rotisserie Oven
  • Who does not love good food? I believe everybody loves good food. This Pro Electric Rotisserie Oven captivates the audience with their infomercials. Now tell me, who can resist that yummy piece of chicken spinning on their oven? I bet nobody.
  1. Carleton Sheets Real Estate Tutorial
  • Carleton sheets have been fascinating a lot of inspiring millionaires for decades now. Their real estate tutorial is filled with testimonials of people who claim to earn more than $2000 bucks per month thanks to Sheet’s tutorial videos.

 These five are only some examples of the products that became a huge success thanks to tv infomercials. Television is an extremely powerful way to advertise a certain product and have it endorsed by someone popular then the product can become an instant success. The World Wide Web has become an easier outlet for people to advertise what they sell. The web makes it even a whole lot easier for us to buy stuff. If you have the patience to watch the tv infomercial until the very end, you will learn that you can find out more about it on the web. It will only take a few clicks and a few searches for you to know more about a certain product. 

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This article was published on 2011/10/04