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TV signal amplifier allows the signals from the sensors and other devices to amplify them according to the given level. Electromagnetic waves send TV signals which are converted to electrical currents by means of antenna. This electric current can be interpreted by TV through means of amplification. A device is designed to magnify these magnetic waves and reduce static interference which results in clearer sound and picture. TV signal amplifier is placed with the output antenna to get outstanding picture and sound quality on TV system.
Kinds Of TV Signal Amplifier:
There are two kinds of TV signal amplifier used for residential TV systems which are:

* Preamplifier

* Distribution amplifier

The preamplifier also known as booster is composed of the actual amplifier which is placed together with the antenna and power supply to get ideal reception of pictures. Its function is to amplify low level signal to line level.

The distribution amplifier is used for distributing TV signals to different places and improving the broadcasting of cable and off-air channels.
How To Install TV Signal Amplifier:
Few guidelines must be followed for the installation of TV signal amplifier:

* TV signal amplifier must be installed gradually to ensure accurate set up on your TV or cable amplifier and receive accurate results.

* Firstly, connect the input cable to the TV or VCR then disconnect the cable and finally connect it to the input on signal amplifier.

* Join the output signal of the amplifier to your TV or VCR by means of six foot coaxial cable and another cable for joining adapter to the signal amplifier.

* After plugging the adapter, verify the signal quality of TV by checking all channels.

* Always point the TV signal amplifier to an interior wall or place it horizontal. However, avoid placing it towards wall, lighting circuits or other obstacles.

Some Precautions Before Installing TV Signal Amplifier:

* Always unplug the cable box from the electricity while linking the coaxial cable and signal amplifier

* TV signal amplifier can perform properly if designed and placed suitably. Therefore, it should be kept in mind to avoid placing it near obstacles such as trees, walls, edifices, pipes and tanks etc. which results in affecting the TV signals

* It is necessary to have the basic information about the installation of the equipments. You can also consult a technician in this regard in order to buy the fine TV signal amplifier to overcome losses
TV Signal Amplifier

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TV Signal Amplifier

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